KINDRED STORE is a shop set up by a mother for her girls.

Dawn Fung is a folk singer-songwriter based in Singapore with her husband, the preacher. 

Before Dawn and the preacher got married, he had promised her that although he won't be a raving millionaire, they would be 'fed by ravens', meaning they would never lack in any way. After the girls arrived, Dawn would at times, remember the preacher's promise. She saw that the girls had everything they needed. They never lacked. They had enough to eat. They were healthy. They were told every single day they were loved, wanted and beautiful in their parents' eyes. 

Dawn wrote songs for the girls. The girls sang them on makeshift instruments and ignored time signatures. They remembered some of the choruses by heart. Dawn heard them sing as she took them around the neighborhood on the bicycle. She was pleased that her music was also enjoyed by other parents, their children, as well as individuals from all over the world. Many people told her that her music soothed their hearts. 

Being a mother and a songwriter, Dawn desired her songs to be memories of things that were good, meaningful and lasting. She wanted her girls to treasure such things, and to share them with others when they grow up. Dawn opened Kindred Store for them to learn how to do this.

Kindred Store produces or curates gifts for the soul.